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What does it mean to feed ‘RAW’?​

Feeding RAW might be the most important thing you can do for your pet. It means leaving the canned, wet, processed food behind. RAW means to feed your animal the same way they would eat if they lived in the wild. Hunting for prey or finding a carcass in the wild is the way nature intended – meat that is uncooked, without seasoning and without additives or preservatives. It’s natural.  It's RAW – the way it should be.


What is a Buying Club?

Buying Clubs are comprised of individuals and families ordering collectively to achieve a bulk purchasing advantage. Members benefit from the arrangement with exclusive access to high quality, wholesome products at affordable prices.


How will the ground meat come to me?

The ground meat comes in frozen chubs (2 lb or 5 lb) in cases of 30 lbs.  All chubs are approximately 12" long.  A 2 lb chub is approximately 2.75" wide; a 5 lb chub is approximately 4" wide.  All chubs are flash frozen and ready for refrigeration or freezer.


Each ground meat case is approximately 13" square and 8.5" tall.


Where can I see the nutritional breakdown of each product?

The nutritional breakdown of each product is listed in the ORDER section of this website.  Click on the product to see its Crude Protein, Crude Fate, Crude Fiber and Moisture Content. 


What are the benefits of 'Flash Frozen'?

All our meats are fresh and then frozen immediately to preserve amino acids and live digestive enzymes essential for healthy pets.


What about safe handling?

As with any raw meat, certain practices are recommended.  Keep frozen or refrigerated, thaw in refrigerator or in cold water, use in two or three days, never leave out in room temperature.   For long times, keep frozen unused portions.   Always wash hands, cutting boards, etc. with soapy water.


What is the Annual Membership Fee?

The Annual Membership Fee entitles you to purchase all available products from Raw To Go at discounted member prices during the stated subscription period, and receive free pickup of your purchased products along our delivery route at the stated set monthly schedule.  It also entitles you to be included in our Referral and Reward programs, and receive discounted delivery fees if special delivery arrangements need to be made.


The Fee allows us to keep our prices down for all our members.  




What are the bone and organ percentages of your ground meats?

All our bone-in products are 10% bone.  


We use 80/10/10 in all our mixes. 80% is Meat. 10% organs. 10% bone.


Can I purchase products without a Membership?

Yes, you may purchase products without a membership.  The standard non-member prices are a little higher and you will have to pay the standard fee for delivery/pickup along our monthly delivery routes.


SPECIAL OFFER:  First time buyer?  Want to try our products before signing up for a membership? 

Make your product selections under the standard pricing and if you purchase the Annual Membership within 30 days, we will credit you the Member price difference from your entire initial purchase.


Thank you for shopping with us!


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