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Feeding Calculator

Our raw meats are nutritionally more dense than store-bought kibble, so dogs and cats eating a raw diet need to eat less food.  A good rule of thumb is 2.5% of their body weight, total, on a daily basis.

For example, our standard poodle weighs about 40 pounds.  2.5% of her body weight is one pound.  So we give her one-half pound of ground meat in the morning, and one-half pound in the evening.  (That's 8 ounces for each meal.)

Some other factors:

- If your dog is underweight, feed a little more (3% or 3.5%)

- If your dog is overweight, feed a little less (2%)

- If your dog is pregnant or nursing, feed a little more (3.5% up to 10%)

- If your dog is a puppy (up to two years), feed a little more (4% up to 10%)

Best to not overfeed.  Better to start with less and then increase it gradually over time.

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