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Three bags of BRB bones: 1 bag each of Meaty Bones, Shank Bones and Knuckle Bones. 100% natural, no additives or preservatives. Flash frozen.

Meaty bones -- great for teeth cleaning, jaw exercise, and mental stimulation. They also supply the same nutrients present in raw beef. Approximately 4-6 bones per bag.

Shank Bones, also called Beef Marrow Bones -- beef leg bones with meat and sinew left on, cut into 4-5 inch pieces. The inside of the bone contains the tasty marrow dogs love to work for. Approximately 8-10 bones per bag.  

Knuckle bones -- consist of joint tissue, flesh meat and bone. They allow dogs to scrape their teeth into the bone which helps to clean food and tartar from their teeth. The meat tissue that is typically left on the bones encourages nibbling and pulling with the front teeth. Knuckle bones are also great mental stimulation for dogs. And they provide a natural balance of calcium and phosphorus along with chondroitin for joint health. Approximately 3-4 bones per bag.

NOTE:  Sampler Packs may be purchased without the need for the Annual Membership Dues being paid. Limit 6 packs without Membership. Unlimited with Membership.


NOTE2:  If any of the bone types are out of stock, it will be replaced by one of the other bone types to keep the Sampler Pack consisting of 3 bags.


BRB - Sampler Pack #B1: Knuckle/Shank/Meaty

$111.00 Regular Price
$63.00Sale Price
  • Notes: All recreational bones are NOT meant to be completely consumed and should always be fed under the supervision of a human being. Monitor your dogs when eating raw meaty bones. When parts become small enough to swallow whole, discard them. Re Shank Bones, since the leg bone is a weight bearing or "hard bone", you should monitor your dog while chewing this recreational bone. Aggressive chewers can fracture teeth on shank bones. Marrow is rich, fatty and too much can cause loose stool in some dogs.
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