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Try a Sampler Pack

Thank you for coming to our "Try It" page. 


Order any Sampler Pack and use the Promo Code below when you checkout. 



You will receive 25% off any Sampler Pack you choose (for dogs or cats).

Limit 3 Sampler Packs per person/household with discount.  If purchasing more than one Sampler Pack, all must be purchased at the same time under the same order. 


Please choose "Price", not "Member Price", during product selection.  

For new customers, delivery/pickup is included along the RTG delivery route on the regularly scheduled monthly delivery day.  At checkout, choose "Member Delivery/Pickup" and you won't be charged the delivery fee.  If a special delivery/pickup is needed outside of the regularly scheduled monthly delivery day, a $10 fee will apply.

We will email you a few days prior to the delivery day to ask when and where you will be picking up.

Sampler Packs

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